Program Transponder Car Keys

Program Transponder Car KeysWhen you need to program transponder car keys, you many need an automotive locksmith assistance. Today, most of cars need a programmed transponder chip key in order to start the car. However, in some cases, especially with GM cars, the actual chip is located in the ignition lock, instead in the head of the key. That means, you have a basic key, but the electronic chip is inside the ignition lock.

When your existing transponder key stop working and don’t turn your car, you should see the anti-theft light blinking on your dashboard consul. The light might be at the colors of green, red, or orange, marked with a symbol of lock or key. When this light starts blinking, you should know that you have a problem with the anti-theft system of your car.

There are 2 reasons why you may need to program a car key:

  1. Because you’ve lost your car and you want to make a new key to your car.
  2. When the existing transponder key of your car stop working and won’t start your car.

Auto Keys Cut&Program On-Site

When you lose your automotive transponder key, it isn’t enough to cut a new key to your vehicle. If a locksmith didn’t program the transponder key to your vehicle, you’ll be able to turn the ignition to ON, yet, it won’t start the car.

Programming a new key to your vehicle make the computer of your car recognizing it. They become a pair. Immediately after ending the programming process to your new car key, the anti-theft light should turn off, and the car should start.

We have all the necessary programming machines and advanced diagnostic tools in order to program car keys with no hassle. Our auto locksmiths are available 24 hours to help you with emergency locksmith service when you stuck on the road.

Whenever you need to troubleshoot your computer chip key, we’re able to do it for you. In addition, for the purpose of helping you on the road, we’re also mobile locksmith services.

We Program Transponder Car Keys Of The Following Vehicles:

Acura Keys Program

Buick Keys Program

Cadillac Keys Program

Chevrolet Keys Program

Chrysler Keys Program

Dodge Keys Program

Ford Keys Program

GMC Keys Program

Honda Keys Program

Hummer Keys Program

Hyundai Car Keys Program

Infiniti Keys Program

Isuzu Keys Program

Jeep Keys Program

Kia Keys Program

Mitsubishi Keys Program

Nissan Keys Program

Oldsmobile Keys Program

Lincoln Keys Program

Mazda Keys Program

Mercury Keys Program

Plymouth Keys Program

Pontiac Keys Program

PT Cruiser Keys Program

Saturn Keys Program

Subaru Keys Program

Toyota Keys Program

When you need emergency auto locksmith to program a new key to your car, call us any time, day or night.  Our local automotive locksmiths serve Bethlehem, and the entire Lehigh Valley, PA.  Any time in needs of professional automotive locksmith, we’re here to help.