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Do you need residential locksmith services in Bethlehem, PA?

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Our locksmiths in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania provide the city’s fastest locksmith service. Not to mention, most affordable. We work 24 hour a day for any type of emergency locksmith service. As a mobile locksmith service, we cover Northampton County, Lehigh County, and surrounding areas.

Our talented team is highly trained, professional, and expert in the locksmith industry.

We solve all emergency lock and key problems for residents in Bethlehem, PA.

LockTech24/7 is a Lehigh Valley based locksmith company. We want to help you maximize your home’s security. This is our goal because we care about our customers and the general safety of the area that we call home.

By repairing so many burglary attempts in the Lehigh Valley, we commit to put your safety in the front line. Needless to say that we will try help to prevent such attempts in the future.

Your Bethlehem residential locksmith is literaly around the corner.

We understand the frustration when you lock yourself out. This is the reason why our locksmiths operate 24-7. We will take your call at any time, regardless of the time of the day. Our locksmiths are also working during weekends and holidays, with no extra charge, of course.

We can get to your location quickly because we are local locksmiths Our friendly mobile locksmiths available when you need us most. Perhaps, because we’re mobile locksmiths, you wonder if we can provide big residential locksmith service, as a small. You don’t need to be worry!

Our professional locksmiths can help to unlock a main door to your home, as well as to unlock bedroom door in your home. Specializing in all type of residential locks, we can re-key existing locks on your doors, as well as repair a broken lock, or replace locks in order to upgrade your security.

We are the most reliable locksmith in Bethlehem, PA. When you quickly call us, we can prove to you that this is the case. You will see everything you need for your home is right here, in our mobile workshop.

From door knobs and deadbolts to keypad locks and high security locks. We are here to solve your key and lock problem. With this in mind, we are here to help you in the event of an emergency situation. You can also schedule appointment.

Don’t hesitate to call us, so that you can take advantage of our progressive solutions for your beautiful home. In fact, we’re so convinced you’ll be completely satisfied with our performance that we are offering a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Alongside with our customer satisfaction program, we also offer  ninety days guarantee on labor and products.

If for any reason, you’re not happy with our service, we will make it right.

We are only one phone call away, please call us at (484) 282-0211

House Lockout

residential lockout

You came back to your home from a long trip. You put your luggage on the ground looking for your keys. Just now it hits you, you forgot your keys at home.

Before you left, you had all windows lock, and as for now, you can’t find a crack to open your house. You exhausted and frustrated thinking to yourself…

What am I going to do now?

Worry Not! –
LockTech24/7 provides 24/7 emergency lock out services in Bethlehem and the entire Lehigh Valley, PA.

If you’re locked out of your own home right now, we’re here to help!
You don’t need to wait much longer, call us now and let our lock out experts to get you back home fast and safe.

Emergency locksmith situations happen more often than you think. Most of our customers have been locked out of the house several times, previously.


Our local locksmith company is still the best locksmith in this region, with the best prices for lockout and locksmith service in general. Our reputation for excellence is unsurpassed and our availability means we are always ready to provide a quick response to every call.

Re-keying Locks

cylinder lock rekey

You’ve signed on a contract for your new home. In that moment you got your new / old house keys.

Do you know who has possession of your keys?

Needless to say, you must consider calling us to re-key the locks on your doors!

Rekeying normally refers to the ability to change a lock so that a different key may operate it, and the old key will no longer work.

In the event of getting ownership on your new home, stop worrying and simply call us. Calling us for re-keying your locks is your first line of defense against home invasion.

When you sure that only you and your relatives hold the keys to your home, help to keep your house safe and secure.

Call LockTech24/7 today to secure your new home. Re-key your existing locks, and protect your loved ones and most valuable assets with a peace of mind!

 Repairing or Changing Locks

house lock change

Are you a property owner, or realtor agent in Bethlehem PA?
Is your tenant stopped paying rent, and refuses to leave your property?

Perhaps, you already filed for eviction in the court house, and you need to schedule time and date with a professsional locksmith. It might be the time to replace the locks in your house..

Having LockTech24/7 locksmith to take care of your eviction situation is a better choice because as a professional locksmith company, we helped many residential property owners, and realtor agents in house evictions, when also the cops were staying keeping everything safe until the job is done properly.

LockTech24/7 is the only residential locksmith company in your first choice of call in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We believe in being fast, upfront, and honest with our clients. We think on your budget, which means we will give you a fair quote.

Protect your home, protect your property! (484) 282-0211

 Broken Key Extract

key broken apart

When a key breaks inside the lock, it can be a very stressful. Especially, if half of it ends up stuck deep in the cylinder lock.

When this happens, it is highly recommended to call us to extract the broken key. Please avoid trying to do it on your own because if you don’t have the proper tools, you can push it in even deeper.

Many people think they are saving money by attempting to extract the key and end up shoving the key deeper and even sometimes bending the lock pins or breaking the springs because the pressure.

In addition, broken keys are not always possible to remove and in some cases destructive entry should be used to enter the property.

Electronic Lock Installation

keyless lock

Keypad lock is referred to key-less entry by entering a combination of 5 digits pin to operate the lock. You can find keypad electronic locks usually in residential and commercial properties.

We can install a keypad electronic lock on your door, easily.

With electronic keypad lock, key is no longer needed. As long as you don’t forget your pin number, and don’t forget to replace the battery. Usually, keypad locks take a single 9-Volt battery that needs to be replaced every 2-3 years.

LockTech24/7 is here to assist you installing any type of keypad lock. Whether you have a standard keypad lock or wi-fi electronic lock, we’re able to help. Also, whether it’s a deadbolt, door knob, or lever keypad lock, we can definitely help.

24/7 Emergency Residential Locksmith in Bethlehem PA

As you probably know, you may need an emergency residential locksmith sometimes. For instance; if you have a faulty lock or you broke the key to your house, you may need to address the problem as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate to call our emergency locksmiths in Bethlehem PA. We are ready for your call!

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